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Animated Studio

Here are step-by-step animations instructing origami models. JavaScript is required to see them.

Traditional Models

The models in this section are traditional. That does not mean, however, that they are easy to fold. Watch the animations carefully, and enjoy folding.

Orizuru (Crane)

Jumping Frog

My Design

The models in this section are designed by me and instructed by pay animations. You need to have your user-name and password to see them. The subscription was sold through Kagi, which terminated its service in 2016. Therefore, the animations are not available for new users right now. Existing subscribers are still able to access to the animations. I am sorry for any inconveniences.

Ponytail Pony

Dragon á la Orizuru


Cheshire Cat


Animal Suite


Kappa Panda Tanuki

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Hatori Koshiro (Koshiro is my first name.)