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Here are selected links to origami web-sites around the world. Also visit my personal web-site OuSaAn if you have plenty of time to waste.


Joseph Wu (Canada)

Robert J. Lang (USA)

Michael LaFosse (USA)

Paul Jackson (Israel)

Crimp (French artists)

Jean-Claude Correia (France)

David Derudas (Italy)

Hojyo Takashi (Japan)


Origami Deutschland

Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papier

Israeli Origami Center

Centro Diffusione Origami (Italy)

Japan Origami Academic Society

Origami USA

Asociación Española de Papiroflexia

British Origami Society


Dave's Origami Emporium (traditional models)

Gilad's Origami Page (book reviews)

Orihouse (archive-like)

Bits of Smith (philosophical thoughts)

Origami Underground (not for children!)

Origami-L (the archives)

Origami (awarded at ThinkQuest@JAPAN '98)

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